Client Expectations

Dear new customer, we are excited to embark on this marketing adventure with you, helping you to scale your business and marketing efforts. 

Please refer to the information below for a full understanding of what you can expect from Scale as your service provider, and also Scale’s expectation of you as our valued client. 

General Client Expectations

  • If we’re waiting on something from you to complete our work, your respective production schedule will be readjusted for that lost time.

  • If you have a campaign idea or marketing initiative you would like us to work on, we would prefer it if you could please give us plenty of notice, ideally a one month lead time. This will help ensure success with your campaign. We do, however, understand the realities of business and know there are times when a new idea or opportunity presents itself and you must move quickly. We would be more than happy to help accommodate last minute requests. However, we cannot guarantee the best results

  • If you need to post, change or edit content on your social media profiles, please email [email protected] -- this will ensure proper distribution to appropriate team members to expedite your request.

  • For all other inquiries or requests, your main point of contact at Scale should be a great resource!

  • You can expect that we may, from time to time, suggest news ideas or services that we believe will enhance, bolster, or otherwise benefit your brand and company. If these ideas are outside the scope of our current contract, the costs will be quoted appropriately.

  • How often should you expect to hear from us? When should your be receiving reports? Please reference your proposal document (based on scope of project/proposal)

  • Meetings and conference calls will be preceded with an agenda sent in advance, and followed up by a conference report summarizing what was discussed, what was agreed to, action items, deliverables, and client responsibilities. Any changes to this conference report are to be directed to your account executive.

Good, Fast, Cheap Policy
At Scale we want to provide the highest quality paired with the best results. To do this we have pre-established time frames and costs associated with our services. However, it is our goal to serve our clients needs as best as possible. Keep in mind though, if you want it to be fast and cheap, we can’t promise it will be good. If you want it to be good and cheap, most likely it won’t be fast.

Billing Expectations

  • We will invoice you at the beginning of each billing month for the month in which services are to-be rendered. A “billing month” is relative to the service initiation date. For example, if Scale begins services on Sep-9, Scale will invoice on Sep-9 for the services to-be-rendered from Sep-9 through Oct-8. The next invoice will occur Oct-9.

  • You are expected to pay the full balance of any invoice within 21 days of the invoice date. If exceptions need to be made for extenuating circumstances, please contact [email protected]

  • A 1.5% late fee is added monthly on all overdue balances. If overdue unpaid balances reach or exceed 52 days, all services will be paused until balance has been paid in full.

SEO Expectations
SEO is a journey, not a destination. Initial SEO results are typically seen within three to six months of service initiation. The nature of healthy “white hat” SEO is to employ a strong content-building and back-linking strategy while improving site code and meta structure. It is a method that continually builds upon itself.

Digital Advertising Expectations (PPC)
Positive Pay-Per-Click results are typically noticed within three months of service initiation. The nature of proper digital advertising is to diligently test and perfect each campaign until it is self-sustaining and provides positive ROI. It’s a method that is continually tweaked and perfected to provide the best results for the dollars. Every campaign is different and, therefore, optimum results are always a work-in-progress.

Social Curation Expectations

  • Building up a following on any social network is equated to pushing a car in neutral. It takes a few months to get the momentum going.

  • When requests are received, we will add it to the curation schedule at the optimal time based on the content strategy we have developed for you.

Reputation / Customer Care Expectations
Responses to negative posts, bad reviews and slander/libel are a necessary evil. Most times, our team will be able to respond within one hour and follow up to rectify the situation within 24 hours. In order to enable us to handle situations like this properly, we recommend giving us a “power to please” offer, whether it be a gift certificate, credit, refund, etc. to help us resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Please direct any requests to our social media management team at [email protected] With any questions for our billing or accounting department, please email [email protected]o To reach our Executive Team, please email [email protected]

Client Service/off-hour responsiveness
Our normal business hours are 9AM - 5PM. You can reach us during this time by calling us directly at 1-844-722-5366 or via email ([email protected]). As they say,  if we have a bad day in advertising, nobody dies. So, what exactly constitutes an emergency? If your brand or reputation is in jeopardy because of a bad post, review or mistype, this demands immediate action to protect your brand reputation. For everything else, please direct it through the proper channels and expect completion within the appropriate lead times.

In the case of a real emergency, please call 716-204-7439 or reach out directly to your account representative. Most of the tools we use are accessible on mobile, so we should be able to rectify most any situation at any time from any place we may be.

Questions or Concerns? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!
1-844-722-5366  •  [email protected]